101 Text Message Templates for Sales and Recruiting Professionals

You’re probably a pro when it comes to using email templates and honing your email communication strategy. But, text messaging is a different tool entirely. You want to be engaging, casual, and friendly. You want to excite your contacts, maintain professionalism, and pack in a whole lot of information — in just 140 characters.

Here are our suggestions on how to do just that. From ideas on tapping dormant candidates in recruiting to warming up leads in sales, these text templates will help you send the right message, every time.



Introducing Text Messaging

Guidelines: Introduce your audience to text touches.


Hi Bo, Nick from XYZ Staffing. We’ve added a texting platform as a quick, easy way to keep in touch with travelers. Is texting good for you?


Hey Sally, we’ve partnered w/ the staffing-focused texting platform TextUs to bring you quick, confidential texting. Is this the best number to text to?


Wesley, Dom from XYZ – we’re wagering you love to text as much as the next guy and we’re excited to announce our recruiters are now just a text away.


Hey Teddy! Ask and you shall receive — text me to your heart’s delight at this number. My response time is pretty impressive 🙂


Recruiters! Texting through the TextUs app is now live throughout the company. Feel free to text your supervisor or coworkers for quick communication.


Hello Team! We’re excited to announce we’ve paired up with TextUs, the stellar texting platform. Now you can text any sales manager at our business number!


Cold touch

Guidelines: Deliver value and introduce yourself.


[Text 1] Hi John, Erich from XYZ. I’m reaching out because I wanted to make sure you saw this post on how to improve your resume: tinyurl.com/resume


[Text 2, if no response to Text 1] Realize you’re busy, just wanted to make sure you got my last text. I think this report could help boost your job-search game: tinyurl.com/resume


Hey Zamora, came across your LinkedIn profile and think this eBook could really help you find the admin position you’re searching for: tinyurl.com/ebook


Hi, just shooting you a text because I noticed you were checking out our California jobs. Here’s an article on TN salaries in cities in Cali: tinyurl.com/cali – Ty from XYZ


Sam, curious how XYZ Staffing outperforms MNO Pros? Check out this case study we did with 15 UX experts just like you. tinyurl.com/MNOno


Tara, this is Erich from XYZ. Our latest holiday suggestions for contingent workers is up and thought it’d help you round out a great year.


Warm touch

Guidelines: Be friendly, introduce yourself, and use a call-to-action.


[Text 1] Lucy, thanks for downloading our job search guide! Are you available at 2 pm or 3 pm today? — Erich from XYZ


[Text 2, if no response to Text1] Realize you’re busy, wanted to make sure you got my last text — I think we have the perfect job for you. Are you free at 12 pm to connect?


Gabby – saw on LI that you’re looking for a new position. I’m searching for a strong traveler like you with L&D experience. Are you interested?


Babs, your LinkedIn is enticing but missing a few crucial pieces. Are you available at 1 or 2 pm Wed or Fri to chat about quick fixes?


Hi Raul, this is Ty from XYZ, the leader in STEM staffing. Saw you’re in the market and wanted to put you in touch with a top hirer. Are you free to chat?


Your Ted Talk was amazing. I have an idea on how our STEM team can help you out. What’s the easiest way to get 10 mins on your calendar?



Guidelines: Be friendly, introduce yourself, and use a call-to-action.


Noticed your new role on LinkedIn and simply wanted to say congrats! Hope you’re having a great day. – Erich, XYZStaffing


Happy birthday, Wendy! XYZStaffing has a special treat coming your way to help you celebrate!


Happy New Year, Lena! Looking forward to another exciting year working with you!


Hey, Trisha, how is the new gig going? Shoot me a text or give me a call anytime with an update. Hope you’re settling in nicely!


Hey Phil, you had a stellar monthly review come in today and I just wanted to congratulate you! Keep your eyes peeled for a sweet reward 🙂


Hi Stella, how is your last week? I know it’ll be bittersweet to leave your friends but they’re so excited for you in Houston!


Hey, how did your interview go? Word on the street is you knocked it out of the park.



Guidelines: Provide details about job opportunities or interviews with specific times to follow up more substantively.


Hey, do you have 20 minutes Thursday or Friday afternoon at 2 or 3 to prep for your interview?


Happy Friday! Can I give you a call Monday morning with a hot job opportunity I think you’d be perfect for?


Interview alert! Driveshaft Unlimited is psyched about you! They’re holding half-hour interviews next Thursday and Friday from 1-5. When’s best for you?


Maeve – when is best for a 30-min interview with William, the CEO of Delos? He’s available Mon 2-4 or Tues 1-3.


Hey Lucy, We have an opening for a $95/hour RN Travel Nurse job in SF. Do you have 10 minutes to discuss today? – Erich, XYZStaffing


Are you available for a happy hour meetup with some of your new coworkers? They are thinking of Thurs or Fri next week.


Quick follow-ups

Guidelines: Ask for info and get a quick response over text.


Julie – just got word there’s a travel nursing position in your favorite place! Give me a call this afternoon to get the details.


Hey Jimmy, any interest in a new admin role starting in December or January?


Gregory – were you able to get your transcripts sent over from USC? Want to make sure all your ducks are in a row!


Jill, did you want to go with the housing stipend or our agency housing? Just let me know and we’ll get you set up.


Cody, were you able to get your vaccinations squared away?


Hi Libby, just wanted to send a quick reminder that Robotics4U needs your W-9 by Friday.


Stephan, here’s the link to the uniform shop (www.uniuni4m.com). They have a brick and mortar shop at 439 SE Wilder, too.


Dormant candidates

Guidelines: Touch base with candidates you haven’t heard from in a few months.


Hey Lydia, it’s Erich from XYZ. We have a development role that’s right up your alley. Shoot me a text back if you’re interested.


Hey Draco, we haven’t heard from you in awhile. Still interested in travel nursing positions? If not, we’ll take you off of our list.


[Text 1]Hi Kiki – I hope you’re having a good summer! We haven’t heard from you for a bit, so I thought I’d check in.


[Text 2] Are you still interested in remaining active on our contract writers list? If so, I have a position that might be perfect for you.


[Text 1] Paulette, long time no text! I just thought of you because I have a pretty stellar tech gig in Detroit that I think you might be well-suited for.


[Text 2] No sweat if you’re not in the market, but ping me if you’d like more info.



Guidelines: Use text to touch base with referral leads. Include the name of the person who gave you the referral early in message and make sure to personalize.


Hi Ed, it’s Ty from XYZ. Your buddy Meg Nask said you’re looking for a coding gig. Are you free to chat Thurs or Fri morning at 8 or 9?


Hey Sadie, Ty from XYZ, a little bird (named Avni) told me you’re in the market for a new staffing company. Are you hoping to start soon?


[Text 1] Hi Deva, I’m Erich, a recruiter from XYZ. Dr. Stevensville from Billings Memorial was just singing your praises.


[Text 2] I’d love to chat with you for 5 minutes about your career prospects. How is next Wednesday or Thursday at 2 pm?


Group Broadcasts

Guidelines: Send a message to a larger group of recipients.


Hey Team, great job this weekend! As a bonus for your hard work, take Monday off!


Recruiters! This one’s for you! Check out our latest contest. Top performers win a trip to Jamaica! tinyurl.com/jamaica


Hi all you current travelers! Take this brief survey to help your hospital better serve RNs and enter to win a $500 gift card!


Hello STEM staff, we’re looking for active robotics technicians to start a new gig in Sept. Message Nick if you’re interested.


Hello Mercy West CNOs. Just a quick reminder that XYZ MSP will be throwing a pizza party for you and your nurse leaders at 1:30 pm on Wed in Conference B.


Conferences & Job Fairs

Guidelines: Keep your leads and contacts informed about your location and activities at conferences and job fairs.


Are you joining us at the GigWork Conference? Meet us at the Sip & Spin for drinks and free schwag, Tues @ 7p. You won’t want to miss our surprise guest!


Stop by Booth 257 at the career fair. ReadyMed will be on hand with job tips, friendly recruiters, and, of course, new opportunities!



Guidelines: Include your contacts in your celebrations and keep them up-to-date on company news and transitions.

Mr. Grant, just wanted to announce that Acme is available by text now. Any quick questions, appt scheduling, or info requests – just send a text to our business number.


XYZ was just named one of the fastest-growing staffing firms in the nation! Thanks for helping us grow!: tinyurl.com/sia


Who’s the best healthcare staffing firm in America? According to StaffingHub: we are! Come celebrate with your XYZ family: tinyurl.com/party


Welcome Gaby Paul, our newest tech recruiter! She has 10+ yrs of STEM staffing experience & a love of placing folks in great jobs. Say hi to Gaby!


XYZ will be changing office locations on 12/31/16. Our new address is 123 SE Main Street, Portland, OR 97206.