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How to Text Like a Human: Send The Right Text at The Right Time

In our current age of constant communication, chances are you’ve heard more than a few tips on crafting the perfect message. Here at TextUs, we agree: using the right words is a big part of effective communication.

But messaging isn’t everything. In the words of baseball legend Yogi Berra, “You don’t have to swing hard to hit a home run. If you got the timing, it’ll go.” When it comes to business communication, the timing of your messages is just as important as the content. We’re here to help you up your batting average.

Promote Positive Customer Communication

By sending the right text at the right time, your communication becomes relevant, rather than disruptive. The key to getting a response is combining a timely text message with a multi-channel communication approach through the buyer’s journey.


You’ve got just 140 characters to wow them with a text. What the right message is will depend on your audience, your relationship to them, and your goals. No matter who you’re talking to, thouh, you can connect quickly with a casual tone, informative content, and a human touch. With this winning combo, you’ll convert your leads, engage your prospects, and delight your customers.


In our mile-a-minute society, it’s more important than ever to send your messages at the right time. This builds trust, keeps your marketing and sales communication relevant, and boosts your chances of getting a response.


Your phone calls and emails have to fight for attention. But, texting unlocks the mobile communication world and operates at the speed of business. Your messages will be read 98% of the time, and your contacts will respond up to 40% of the time. All this depends — you guessed it — on sending the right text, at the right time.

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The Business Texting Code of Conduct

With your new power and communication speed comes responsibility. No one likes to receive a spam phone call or email, and the same is true of texting. You are delivering a message right to your contacts’ pockets, so there’s an even more personal context to consider. The last thing we want is to potentially damage your personal or brand reputation with unwanted outreach.

Avoid long messages

Sending a long text works against the convenient nature of text messaging. This isn’t email. Try to keep your messages concise and to the point, while still including a personal touch.

Don’t be a spammer

Much like avoiding longer messages, sending too many messages can come off as spammy or inappropriate. To be an effective and successful communicator, reach out only when necessary.

Consider buyer awareness

Before sending any messages, make sure your lead or prospective customer has the proper amount of information for your message. For example, do they need to be made aware of your product or service? If so, a message about your latest features may be confusing. Tailor your message to your audience, just as you would in any conversation.

Use personalization tools

A great way to tailor messages is through personalization. TextUs includes a contact name and property merge functionality, so even when you’re sending text broadcasts, you can craft each text specifically to individual recipients. People’s own names get instant attention, so personalization can go a long way in improving response rates.

Encourage response

Encouraging response is as easy as ending each message with a question. Short questions like “are you available?” or “does this interest you?” can work wonders on your response rate.

Be human

This one is easy. All you have to do is avoid sounding like a computer. If you’ve ever received a text from your bank, pharmacy, or doctor’s office, consider the shape of those messages. They usually don’t contain questions, they are clearly sent as an informative update, and they are very stiff and formal. In your messages, it’s important to be polite, but it’s alright to be a little more personal and friendly. You might say, “Good morning, Jeff! I hope all is well” and then continue to your brief question.

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