Free Webinar

Webinar Series: What is 10DLC?


When: Friday, April 16 @ 11am MST

Hosted by: Erich Hugunin, CRO, TextUs, Martin Payne, CEO, TextUs

Changes are coming to the way we communicate via SMS and TextUs is here to help.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how texting gets your messages seen and how 10DLC (10-digit long code) is an additional safeguard and trust builder for our industry.

  • 10DLC will build and maintain trust between businesses and consumers by establishing routes and validity for sending messages.
  • Throughput will be determined by the sender’s trust score which is based on brand size, vertical, and campaign use case.
  • 10DLC creates A2P routes that are dedicated solely to business-to-consumer traffic, making for more trusted messaging, less spam and better deliverability.
  • The registration and vetting process quickly identifies bad actors which ultimately preserves high industry response rates and reduces spam texts across the board.