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How to Avoid the Haunting Phenomenon of Candidate Ghosting with Text Messaging

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In the dynamic modern workplace, communication tactics are shifting; a text message is no longer merely a method for casual conversation but an integral tool for recruitment. Ghosting, the abrupt stop of communication from prospective candidates, has become a common challenge in the hiring process. We’ll discuss how the power of text messaging can transform a frustrating trend into an engaging recruitment strategy that’s hard to ignore.

The Impact of Candidate Ghosting

Understanding the impact of candidate ghosting is central to stopping its influence on your hiring efforts. It’s a frustrating phenomenon that can result in wasted time, resources, and a notably poor candidate experience. When a candidate suddenly disappears in the middle of a recruitment process, it leaves recruiters in the dark, with limited ability to schedule interviews, gauge interest, or finalize hires. The impact is notably more profound today, given the fierce talent competition.

The Rise of Text Messaging in Recruitment

Text messaging is not only a convenient method of communication; it’s the most direct way to reach individuals in an era of flooded inboxes and application notifications. The quick, no-nonsense nature of SMS has a welcome place in the often hurried and time-constrained recruitment setting. Studies show that text messages boast an impressive open rate, with candidates being significantly more likely to read and respond to a text compared to an email. This directness can be a breath of fresh air for candidates who are often left waiting for follow-ups in the traditional recruiting communication channels.


The immediacy and personal touch of text messaging in the hiring process cannot be overstated. Conversing with candidates via text helps to foster a more personal candidate experience. SMS can provide HR professionals with the means to engage with candidates on their preferred platform, where they are most responsive and comfortable. With text messaging, you can leverage a blend of automation and personal touch, ensuring each candidate feels valued and informed.

Best Practices for Using SMS for Recruiting

When incorporating text messaging into your recruitment strategy, it’s crucial to adhere to best practices to reap its full benefits without alienating your candidates or appearing unprofessional.

Obtain candidate consent

Keep it Short and RelevantBefore sending any text messages, ensure you have the candidate’s consent to communicate with them via this channel. This can be done by including an option for candidates to provide their phone numbers and opt-in on your application form or explicitly asking for permission during initial communication.


Be timely and responsive

Send Texts at Right TimeText messaging is all about quick and immediate communication. Ensure you respond promptly to candidates’ messages and inquiries, as any delays can lead to disinterest or even ghosting. With TextUs, you can set up automated responses to let candidates know their message has been received and that you will get back to them soon.


Utilizing Automation and Templates

To save time and streamline communication, consider using automation and templates for common messages such as thank-you notes, interview reminders, or rejection notifications. Just be sure to personalize these templates before sending them out!


Follow-up and Feedback

Personalize your Automatic ResponseDon’t forget about after-care. A follow-up message or survey can help you understand your no-show rates better while also providing a means for candidates to share feedback on their recruitment experience. This data is essential for continuously improving your hiring process and maintaining positive relationships with candidates.


Integrate with your existing software

The integration of text messaging into your recruitment toolkit is invaluable. Not only is it a solution to the pesky problem of ghosting, but it’s also a route to modernize and humanize your talent acquisition process. TextUs can add an invaluable edge to your hiring process, ensuring that you can communicate quickly, effectively, and with a personal touch that fosters a strong candidate experience.


If you’re ready to transform your hiring strategy and want to stop getting ghosted, TextUs is the ideal tool. Discover how to use text messaging in HR in the most effective, engaging way possible. Engage with our experts to start creating a recruitment process that not only fights ghosting but also attracts and retains top talent. Take the first step toward a brighter future in recruitment. Talk to an expert today to learn more!

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