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Embedded Texting Made Simple: Why Buying an SMS Solution is Better Than Building One from Scratch

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Product leaders understand how critical it is to stay ahead of the competition while meeting the ever-changing needs of their customers. Having the right tools in your software platform can help keep you ahead of the game. One such tool is an embedded or white-labeled SMS solution, a place where CRMs, ATSs and other SaaS platforms may fall short. Fortunately, there are established SMS providers available to partner with to enhance the capabilities of your existing software platform, by adding a ready-made SMS solution that works within the confines of your current software. Let’s discuss the benefits of partnering with a proven SMS leader, such as TextUs, versus building an SMS solution from scratch.


Implement quickly and easily

Building an SMS solution from scratch can take months, if not years, to develop properly. Partnering with a proven SMS platform, such as TextUs, can provide for a more timely solution and quicker implementation. TextUs product leaders have already built a robust solution and, as a result, are able to make it available for integration within a short period of time. This allows for a faster roll-out to your customers, leading to a quicker return on investment (ROI).

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Less strain on your product and engineering teams

Partnering with a proven SMS provider like TextUs can reduce the development challenges and timeline associated with building an SMS solution from scratch. Spare your development team this hefty workload, and allow them to focus resources on other critical areas like platform stability and product innovation. TextUs does the heavy lifting, which can make the implementation of SMS capabilities into your software system straightforward and unburdened.

Access to Exclusive Data

Working with TextUs, widely regarded as one of the leading SMS solutions in the space, can provide access to valuable data and analysis that can improve your customers’ usage. TextUs has a deep understanding of best practices through robust analytics that translate into a better customer experience. Detailed dashboards are made available to TextUs partners that highlight usage trends, response rate best practices, campaign analytics, and beyond. These data points translate to actionable items that better enable your customers to be most effective with their newly embedded text messaging capabilities.

Compliance Expertise

TextUs, as an established leader in the SMS realm, holds a level of expertise that is challenging to match when it comes to regulatory compliance, specifically 10DLC regulations. TextUs can provide information and guidelines on rules and regulations, ensuring your customers enjoy peace of mind that their texting program is compliant and adhering to industry standards. Working alongside a compliant partner like TextUs can significantly reduce risks associated with SMS programs, saving you time and effort in keeping your customers compliant.



As a product leader looking to improve upon your software platform’s SMS capabilities, partnering with a reputable SMS provider like TextUs can provide a multitude of benefits beyond just faster implementation and reduced development time. Access to valuable usage data can improve customer satisfaction, while compliance and regulatory expertise can reduce risks and meet requirements. Ultimately, partnering with a proven SMS solution provider frees up your time and development teams to focus on platform innovation and stability, while simultaneously offering a better experience for your customers. By partnering with TextUs, you can relieve development pains, improve an offering for your customers with evidence-based insights, and guarantee compliance with industry standards. There’s no better time to invest in better text messaging capabilities.

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