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How to Promote Your Job Postings and Convert Inbound Candidates with Text Messaging

Sourcing qualified candidates can be a tedious task. It’s a constant battle to make sure you sync the best candidates with the best positions — at the right time.

Here at TextUs, we’ve seen firsthand how putting opportunities in front of candidates at the right time is an easy way to generate warm leads. One of the most successful ways we’ve seen this done is by including text options on job listings on Craigslist, CareerBuilder, Indeed, and other job board sites. This works well when you’re sourcing for both hourly gigs and specific trade positions.

Here’s how to make your job postings text-friendly and convert more candidates.

Include your text-enabled TextUs phone number directly in your job posts.

This is a simple, easy, but highly effective way to improve your job postings. Simply add your text messaging number to your job post, right next to the information about applying:

ACME Co., PT Forklift Operator (Denver, CO), Apply Here or TEXT 888-888-8888 with Full Name and Position

You’ll be amazed how many people reach out to you instead of you having to reach out to them.

Batch your positions and provide easy steps for text outreach.

Another cool approach is to ‘Batch’ your positions. By creating a listing for multiple positions, you can use the same approach as above but increase your responses and cast a wider net. You can even assign a different text number to each position to streamline follow up:

Line Assembly Manager (Aurora, CO), Apply Here or TEXT 888-888-1111

Production Worker, (Aurora, CO), Apply Here or TEXT 888-888-2222

PT Forklift Operator (Denver, CO), Apply Here or TEXT 888-888-3333

Alternatively, if you’re using a single text number when you’re batching positions, you can also add some additional information above the listing to provide instructions how to reach out.

ACME Co. is hiring for multiple positions. Text the number listed with your full name and the position you’re interested in and we’ll follow up with quick next steps. Thanks for your interest!

Create premade templates so responding to job posting texts is a breeze.

And, when the texts start rolling in, you can have premade templates for each position to easily reply with more information. This will also help you save time when you’re responding to all those interested candidates.

Here are a few examples of some templates that we’ve seen do really well.

Hi {{contact.first_name}}, Thanks for your interest in the Production Worker position. Do you have time to get on the phone to discuss?

Hi {{contact.first_name}}, Saw you’re interested in the PT Forklift operator position. What’s the best email to send you more details?

Ultimately, this is just another way to start talking, albeit in a much more time-effective, seamless, and satisfying manner.

Bonus: Pro-tips

Always: Have the candidate’s name in your TextUs contacts once you receive an inbound text.

Never: Request that they send personal information via text. Candidate IDs or SSNs should be received via email.

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