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How to Use Text Messaging to Nurture Warm Leads

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Warm leads are the most exciting and the most fragile of your prospects. They’re interested, but how do you keep them interested without being too distant or too pushy? Since consumers prefer text messaging over other mediums, texting is the most effective way to bump these leads to hot.

Here are a few ways to nurture effectively.

Solve their problems

Your prospect probably mentioned a particular problem area or need. You can strengthen the relationship by responding with a resource that addresses this need, like a topical guide or video.

By sending materials that directly address their concerns, you’re demonstrating empathy and active listening.

For example
You mentioned you were looking to find new ways to engage your leads. Thought you might find this quick guide on using MMS helpful: {insert branded link}

Remember important life details

Often prospects will give us reasons why they can’t connect or move to the next step at that moment. These can range from a long conference to a personal emergency.

When you check in, remember to acknowledge your client’s life. You’re both human – you can act like it! You can do this authentically without sounding too chummy.

For example
I hope your daughter’s wedding went well. You mentioned you might have some time to chat after the festivities ended – how would tomorrow at 2pm sound?

Respond to professional success, too

You should be following the professional accomplishments of your warm prospects or their organizations. A great way to keep track is to set up a Google Alert for your prospects’ company or connect with the individual on LinkedIn.

For example
Just saw you were promoted to a senior role – congratulations!

Follow up on downloads and comments

Every time a prospect takes action, you have an opportunity to strengthen your connection.

When your prospect downloads a guide, leaves a social media comment, or attends a trade show, this is a great opportunity to send a text.

For example
Hi {first name}, thanks for coming to our webinar yesterday! Checking to see if you have any questions on picking the right tech for your firm. Our CEO hosted a webinar on the topic and I can help provide a few additional considerations. Are you available to chat tomorrow afternoon?

You can also point them towards more resources or invite them to your next webinar.

Thank them for meeting with you

Any time you have a phone call or meeting with a warm prospect, use a text send a thank you. Don’t wait until the next day, either – send it within an hour or two of speaking with them so they stay fresh in your mind.

For example
Great to speak with you! I appreciate your time. If you have any other questions, feel free to shoot me a text. Otherwise, I’ll follow up in a week.

Follow up on a nurturing email

After sending a check-in email to a warm prospect, send a quick text to make sure they saw it. Think of this is as the final button on the email nurture.

For example
Hi {first name}, I sent an email yesterday, but figured I’d try you here too. I’m looking forward to touching base – do you have some time tomorrow afternoon to chat?

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