HR Text Messaging Platform

As the fastest growing text messaging software for Human Resource firms, TextUs gives your HR team the capability to communicate with employees, candidates and vendors faster, smarter and in a more engaging way.

How it Works

Import employee contact information

Schedule or send mass text messages to employees for important communications

Keep engagement high and respond to questions/concerns quickly

Continue building healthy company communication!

Engage your Employees

Enhance your text messages with rich media like images, videos, GIFs, or PDFs and drive higher engagement and better response rates with Campaigns Pro. Plus, our A/B testing tool will give you visibility into the types of messaging your employees are responding to most.

Create Automated Efficiency

Create keywords that trigger automated text message responses for opt-ins, welcome messages or company events with TextUs’ Keywords. And we’ll automatically create new keyword groups for you based on responses so you can easily follow up later with any important information.

Communicate Better Across the Candidate and Employee Journey

With TextUs, your HR team can quickly push out emergency messages for on campus employees, remind employees about upcoming events and holidays, and allows for a more open line of communication to create a more connected culture.

Text messaging for HR teams drives more efficient communication and keeps employees and vendors informed by reaching people where their response rates are highest- on their phones.

Why Human Resources Teams Choose TextUs

Talent Acquisition

Find top talent and hire more quickly with improved candidate response rates and interview scheduling.

Improve Engagement

With a 98% read rate, TextUs enables you drive employee engagement by communicating more effectively with your team.

Onboard Smarter

Onboard more efficiently and improve new hire communication with with text messaging.

Schedule Shifts

Stop losing time with unanswered emails. Schedule last-minute shift faster with text messaging.

Coordinate Crises

Speed is everything during an emergency. Use texting to coordinate instantly.

Drive Retention

Communicate with your employees by text message to create the open and connected company culture they want.

Workforce Management

Stop losing time with unanswered emails. Schedule last-minute shift work and adjust quickly to ensure fluctuations in forecasted staffing volume are met faster.

Schedule Interviews Instantly

Text messaging has a 98% read rate and a 40% response rate.

Track Texts in Your HCM

TextUs lets you capture messages in your human capital management database automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, TextUs allows you to send personalized mass texts out to employees for any updates, like closures, enrollment, surveys – including information that requires rich media, such as images, videos or PDFs.

If your business has a landline, TextUs can text-enable those to use for text messages without impacting your voice plan, carrier, voicemail or voice services. If you don’t currently have a landline, TextUs will provide a virtual number with your preferred area code.

TextUs integrates into many CRMs, ATS, HRIS platforms, including Salesforce, Bullhorn, Workday, Greenhouse and more. For a full list, visit our integrations hub.

If a contact texts back “stop” or “unsubscribe” they will automatically be opted out so no one on the team can text them – keeping you compliant.

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