Sales Teams

With TextUs, your sales team can communicate up to 10x faster than they can by phone or email. Our versatile business texting solution helps you get ahold of hard-to-reach clients, improve your teams’ productivity, and accelerate your sales cycle.

Why Sales Professionals Choose TextUs

Increase Sales Rep Productivity

Maximize the time your team spends selling by using your texting solution to send group broadcasts.

Increase Response Rates

Text target customers to get a 40% response rate.

Fill Your Sales Pipeline Faster

Use group broadcasts to connect with more clients faster.

Schedule Demos Instantly

Increase response rates to demo requests with texting.

Close Deals Faster

Communicate faster to accelerate your sales cycle.

Track Texts in Your CRM

Capture messages in your database automatically.

Eliminate Cold Calls

Skip ineffective sales techniques and focus on a 1:1, conversational texting solution.

Track Sales Rep Effectiveness

Track texting analytics to identify texting best-practices.

Leave No Sale Behind

Get dormant sales targets to respond instantly.

Build Better Relationships

Communicate the way clients prefer.

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