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TextUs Offering Complimentary Service for Essential Businesses During COVID-19 Outbreak

As you know, many of the businesses deemed essential during the COVID-19 pandemic are experiencing challenges communicating with their customers and staff. Most essential workers are strapped for time, in the field, and away from computers. But, communication and coordination are more important than ever for managing relationships and sharing time-sensitive updates.

That’s why we’re offering TextUs for Essential Businesses, a complimentary service during Q2 to help essential businesses communicate quickly and easily via text messaging with their customers and employees.

“Given the current pandemic, TextUs has enabled us to communicate quickly to hundreds of our staff about work assignments, address issues day and night, and stay connected even with our remote team members,” said Bruce Weinberg, Assistant Vice President, Nursing Workforce Management at Ochsner Health System. “This application has been instrumental in how we communicate with our front line employees.”

“Right now, when essential workers are already operating at maximum capacity, real-time, accessible communication is more important than ever,” said Andrew Kimmell, our cofounder. “Text messaging is the most efficient communication channel for conversations requiring fast, timely responses. Our customers have shared how valuable our software has been during this challenging time, and we want to do our part to help as many companies as we can.”

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