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Using Automation and Text Messaging to Create an Amazing Candidate Experience with TextUs and Herefish

TextUs and Herefish have joined forces to enable recruiting firms to combine corporate-level recruiting automation with desk-level, real-time communication with candidates, contractors, and clients. With a conversational approach to text messaging and strategic automation you’ll be able to create a stand-out candidate experience.

Now, when you hear automated text messaging you may think of the spammy SMS marketing of yore, but that’s not what we’re about. We empower you to create a personalized experience that gives your candidates a 1:1 connection with your recruiters.

Together, TextUs and Herefish will make your candidates feel supported through every step of their journey with you – from the moment they first connect with you to the job assignments they work with you.

Using conversational texting to redefine the candidate experience

With TextUs, you can reach out to candidates with conversational SMS campaigns that get up to a 40% response rate. These texts are sent from the same business phone number that your candidates use to call you. As a recruiter, here’s why this is so important:

  1. You can provide a real-time, 1:1 connection to your candidates
  2. You’ll build trust with candidates because they can easily call or text the same number
  3. You can promote “Call or Text Us” on your business phone numbers

By moving away from me-first promotional messaging to candidate-first personalized job offer texts, your candidates will feel like they have a personal connection with you. They’ll find it easy to respond to texts on their own terms, on their own time, or even to give you a quick call back at the same number you texted them from.

Using automated texting in the candidate experience

By combining the power of conversational text campaigns with Herefish’s automation platform, your team can nurture candidates throughout their entire lifecycle. Instead of taxing your team with the daunting task of keeping track of every new hire’s schedule, TextUs and Herefish enable you to automatically send personalized text messages at key points in their journey with you:

Send a text…

  • On the first day of an assignment with directions and company contact info
  • The day after the start date to check in on how things are going
  • With a link to a satisfaction survey 7 days after onboarding
  • With a weekly reminder the day before timesheets are due every week
  • On their last day to see if they need anything
  • On their birthday with a little gift card to help them celebrate
  • Midway through an assignment with ideas for their next assignment and to ask for their net promoter score (NPS)

With TextUs and Herefish working together for you, your candidates will know that someone on your team is always there for them.

Ready to personalize your candidate experience? Get a Demo or text us at 303-442-3223 to learn how to get started.

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