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5 Actionable Business Communication Tips To Help You Close Business Faster

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Closing is all about timing. You need to be ready when your prospect is ready. There’s a whole rainbow of readiness out there, too — you’re either chasing down an elusive prospect to get an answer or a ready-to-close prospect is popping up unexpectedly in your inbox.

By using every communication channel available to you — sometimes all at once — you can get ahead of the close. Here’s how to make sure you’re clinching the deal.

1. Combine Your Calls with Texts

When you made that first touch with your prospect, you were probably able to easily answer their basic questions — like the whats and the how much – in a business text.

But, as you dig deeper into their needs and interests, the questions will get more complex — and your answers will, too. So, use the right text message at the right time to move that conversation to the phone.

Your text could say:

“Hey, we’re getting into deeper topics here and I’d love to explain more. Let me give you a call.”

2. Perfect Your Timing

Part of knowing your prospect is knowing the right time and the right method to contact them. It’s a given that most people don’t want a text from you at 6 am or a call at 10 pm. But each person you talk to has a rhythm to their day that’s a bit more nuanced. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What are their work hours? Are the hours consistent or do they change each day?
  • Do they travel a lot? Are they traveling now?
  • Is there a certain time of day they always respond quickly to your texts? Are there other times they’re slower to respond — or rarely respond at all?

Yes, knowing someone’s best time to talk will make your sale easier. What’s more, you can also see this careful planning as wonderful empathy. You want to catch your prospect when they feel their best so you can have a warm interaction.

3. Text Yes/No Questions to Get Quick Answers

As you move through the call, text, and demo dance of a sales cycle, you can keep the relationship fresh by sending easily answered questions over text. This is a friendly way to stay in touch without the burden of an open-ended question. (Think of getting a “how’s it going?” text. Sometimes you don’t even know what to answer.)

Try texting questions to engage them in a casual, natural way.

“Just checking – did you see this link I sent yesterday?” What you’ll likely get back is a “not yet – I’ll read now!” or something similar. Take that opportunity to point a section of the linked article or resource to entice a conversation.

“Are we still on for tomorrow’s meeting? Saw you had bad weather there and wanted to check in.” If they reply with a yes, you can resend the meeting link/phone number as a helpful reminder. And if you get a no – take that opportunity to get a reschedule on the calendar.

“Came across this new tool. Are you interested in something like this for your company?” Typically, you’ll get back an answer somewhere in the middle – maybe, but they need more information. This is a great time to briefly highlight the advantages of the tool you sent and how it ties into your company, too.

Often their answer will lead to a longer chat. Sometimes you just need the right question to get the conversation rolling.

4. Don’t be afraid to send multiple texts

You’re probably terrified of spamming your prospects. No one likes the stereotype of the overbearing salesperson who drives their prospect away by contacting them too much. But there’s a difference between pushy and helpful — and it’s easy to spot.

You can send multiple business texts when:

  • You sent a quick yes/no questions and haven’t heard back in a day or two
  • You have an upcoming meeting or call and want to send a reminder
  • You want to follow up on link or article you sent
  • The key to not being a spammer is to position yourself as a resource, instead of a nag.

5. Use All of Your Channels

Closing means staying top of mind without coming off as aggressive, which can require a delicate balance. This is where using all of your communication tools come in handy. By switching up what channel you use and when, you’ll stay at the top of your prospect’s radar without driving them away.

Here are some general tips.

Call when you want to:

  • Get answers to questions too long or detailed for text or email
  • Discuss sensitive issues
  • Check in when you haven’t heard from them on other channels

Email when you need to:

  • Send large attachments or documents
  • Introduce another team member or outside resource
  • Make an official offer<

Text when you want to:

  • Remind of a meeting or call
  • Check in on the decision process
  • Get a quick answer to a question

Don’t be afraid to use all three of these avenues in quick succession to get the answer you need.

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