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Martin Payne, TextUs CEO, on The Staffing Show Podcast

We’re excited to share that our CEO, Martin Payne, was recently a guest on The Staffing Show podcast, where he talked to Caitlin Delohery, the Editor in Chief of StaffingHub. Martin shared why he joined TextUs and decided to lend his expertise to a business texting platform:

I think [texting] has so much promise going forward to make communications with employees, with prospects, with customers, a lot more conversational, a lot more human. I think it’s a much more authentic medium, and it’s just a natural evolution from getting an email or something that’s a bit more, I’ll call it, transactional or impersonal, migrating the conversation to texting, which is much more personal.

And we’re really only in the first or second inning of the development of texting as a communication medium between businesses and consumers. I think the technology bolsters a lot of promise, and there’s a lot of running room in front of it.

Martin also shared some about his leadership philosophy and what choices me makes to keep his team always focused on the best interest of the customers:

My tactic has always been to involve the company in defining what right looks like for the employees, for the customers.

It creates this really nice virtuous circle. And if you stay focused on those relationships, and you really are intentional about those relationships, particularly in that sequence, you end up building a great company.

Listen to the entire episode here.

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