7 Ways to Use High-Volume Business Texting to Reach More Contacts Faster Than Ever Before

Maybe you have bad associations with texting a lot of people at once. You think “mass texting” and you might picture the worst kind of business communication — anonymous, generic outreach or promotional messages that don’t meaningfully consider the audience on the other side of them.

But with TextUs High-Volume Business Texting, you can reach thousands of contacts, and your outreach can be as targeted and personalized as individual text messages. You can message your entire contact list, and they’ll feel like they are getting a message meant just for them.

Here are 7 ways to use high-volume texting to reach thousands of contacts faster than ever before:

#1 Send personalized announcements to your entire list.


If you’re reading this article, you probably understand how hard it is to get ahold of people. At any point in your relationship with your contacts, a lead with may stop responding to your phone calls and emails.

Personalized announcements can be an easy, unobtrusive way to get a conversation going with thousands of contacts:

Hey {{contact.first_name}}, just wanted to let you know we have a free extended demos running throughout the end of the month — are you interested in setting one up for your team? – John with ACME Co.

And because you know your texts actually get read, these simple touches are an effective way to ignite conversations with your entire list of contacts, all in one go.

#2 Increase email conversion rates with text follow ups


Chances are, a lot of your communication campaigns are email-based. Email is great for more substantive touches but it’s rare to get more than a 1-2% response rate. With high-volume text messages sent as follow up to emails, you can combine the 40% response rate of text messages with the longer messages and functionality of email.

#1. Send your email campaign to your list. Include your text-enabled phone number to allow contacts to follow up in any way that is convenient.

#2. Send a brief, personalized text, referring to your email. You can do this immediately after your text or wait a few hours, depending on what you think your audience’s preferences is. You don’t want to wait more than a few hours, though, to optimize response rates.

Hi {{contact.first_name}}, just sending a quick follow-up note on the email I sent over. Are you available next week to connect for 5 mins on next steps? – John from ACME Co.

#3 Engage your audience by sending along useful mobile content.


All your outreach to your contacts should provide value. It should give your contacts information they need, help them move towards a solution to a challenge they’re facing, or provide the kind of thought leadership that inspires them.

Text can send along small but mighty tidbits of this kind of valuable info. And volume texting is a great way to make sure that useful message reaches as much of your audience as possible

Hey {{contact.first_name}}, Thought you’d be interested in this years State of Staffing report: staffinghub.com/2018-state-of-staffing/. As always I’m here to help if you have any questions. – John with ACME Co.

#4 Get customer feedback from large groups.


Sometimes you hit a business slump that you just can’t explain. You’ve done everything right — done your homework on your audience, followed up in a timely manner, and provided as much good info as possible, but your contacts just aren’t becoming customers.

This is a great time to ask them what they need. Text them a brief survey to help you gain insight into where your funnel can be improved.

Hey {{contact.first_name}}, Passing along this brief survey because we value your input: textus.com/survey. The first 100 respondents will be entered to win a $100 gift card. – John with ACME Co.

#5 Remind all of your contacts of appointments, webinars, or other events.


When you have a large event coming up, such as a webinar, group demo, or other events, text is a great way to remind people to attend.

Your contacts are on-the-go, and a well-timed text message is more likely than a email or phone call to reach them right where they are. Because of that, these reminders can be the difference between a well-attended event and an empty room.

Hey {{contact.first_name}}, We can’t wait to see you at our talk this afternoon! Here’s a link to the meeting: zoom.us/383302203 — don’t hesitate to text if you have any questions – John with ACME Co.

#6 Follow up after trade shows, events, and meetings.


After events and meetings, you really want to keep momentum going. A text touch can pick up conversations you started at a conference, move leads further along the funnel after a demo, or keep interest high after a first meeting.

Hey {{contact.first_name}}, great meeting you at the trade show. Following up on our conversation about CONTACT.BUSINESS_NAME’s sale process, would you like to schedule a 10 minute demo for Wed. or Thurs. afternoon? – John with ACME Co.

#7 Send personalized promo offers and special deals.


TextUs High-Volume texting can be used thoughtfully for promotions. In the language you use in your messaging, in your personalized touches, and in your timing, you can let your contacts know that you aren’t just selling to them. You’re looking to make connection and provide value along the way.

Hey {{contact.first_name}}, hope you’ve been enjoying your free trial. Here’s 20% off your first 3 months if you decide to keep working with us. Have a good day! ? textus.com/20off – John with ACME Co.
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