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How to Use a Sequence Blueprint for Automated Texting

Our SMS templates have been a powerful tool for our customers. Coming up with content isn’t for everyone. You aren’t a copywriter or maybe you just have too much on your plate and don’t have the time to add something else to your unending to-do list. Even if you work in marketing, where coming up with copy and content is part of your job, it’s nice to have a blueprint to go off of and personalize to save you time. Any quality marketer and copywriter will tell you that you cannot copy/paste your way to successful content and conversion. Your business text messages deserve the same quality and attention to detail!

We’ve heard how our customers rely on SMS templates to implement text message campaigns and automated replies in various industries. To make this resource even more valuable, we’ve added it to the TextUs app as a new feature!

Automated Texting Just Got Easier

automated sequences

There are many benefits to automated texting and sequences. We’ve seen an increase in users automating more of their text messages and adding contacts specifically to a specific campaign relevant to them. Automated sequences provide customization and personalization to contacts that increase engagement.

As you’ve taken on more multitasking at work and your to-do lists seem to never end, the ability to schedule cadences, contacts, and campaigns is important. You want to reach large audiences faster without sacrificing engagement. Using TextUs sequences to nurture your candidates, customers, or leads can increase response rates by up to 27% with the follow-up messages in the sequence.

TextUs blueprints are designed to get your team started with automated sequences even faster. With blueprints, teams no longer need to spend hours ideating and creating sequences from scratch. Our team did the brainstorming for you!

Your team can now quickly implement sequence creation by selecting from pre-built templates designed to drive higher engagement and maximize response rates. We’ve already taken the time to test and measure which text messages have had the best response rates and have added the extra level of convenience by making them directly available as part of the user experience. Want to know the best part? You can customize and personalize each sequence to align perfectly with your unique goals and audience. We have SMS sequence blueprints for many industries and roles, but we know the importance of sticking to your own brand voice and objectives.


automated sequence template
With TextUs sequence blueprints you can:

  • Access a library of pre-built sequence blueprints.
  • Easily filter and find blueprints based on your use case.
  • Customize each message to match your tone and goals.
  • Set up sequences and campaigns even faster, letting you see results faster.

Whether you’re looking to fill a job opening, promote an event, or book a demo, sequence blueprints empower your team to drive higher response rates and better outcomes.

How To Use TextUs Sequence Blueprints

Using blueprints is easy! We have a built-in blueprint option within the app allowing you to access the collection of pre-existing SMS sequence templates. The library of blueprints is categorized by use case. You can filter by your desired need whether it’s recruiting, sales, marketing, or workforce development. After finding the correct blueprint, you can use it to create a new sequence, personalize the messages, modify the content, and customize the schedule for each sequence step to align with your requirements.

You can still choose sequence blueprints that are ongoing or scheduled. So if you want the sequence to stop once a user takes action (like a reminder) or if you want to keep the full sequence going regardless of action (like a welcome campaign), you can do both with pre-selected blueprints.


Enjoy the benefits of sequences and SMS automation with this extra layer of support and ease! To access blueprints, you do need to have sequences enabled in your TextUs subscription. Blueprints come at no extra charge if you are already enrolled into sequences. If you want to stop copying/pasting SMS templates and create quality text messages even quicker—contact us today to get sequences and blueprints!

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