Why choose embedded messenger over a text message API or gateway?

The embedded messenger enables enterprise software solutions to embed a conversational SMS window into their platform, allowing text messaging to become a seamless extension of their software suite. By leveraging an industry-leading solution, software solutions can rapidly add value to their product offering and give their users a consistent way to increase engagement and conversions with customers, leads, candidates, and more.

While text message APIs and gateways offer customization and flexibility, the embedded messenger minimizes resource and development requirements. The embedded messenger offers quicker implementation, reduces development effort, and offers ongoing product updates, making it an attractive option for businesses looking to leverage SMS messaging without significant technical investments.

Faster implementation

The embedded messenger is a proven solution that is easily customizable and quick to launch. Its easy setup significantly reduces implementation time and allows businesses to focus their efforts on their core platform capabilities.

Reduced development effort

Integrating a text message API requires development resources, including time, expertise, and ongoing maintenance. By opting for the embedded messenger, you can bypass the need for extensive coding and maintenance.

Ongoing support and updates

By using the embedded messenger, you will have access to the latest features and enhancements through our product updates without the need for additional development work.

Compliance expertise

Since TextUs handles 10DLC registration, opt-out management, and more, using the embedded messenger allows partners to stay up-to-date with texting best practices without diverting their own internal resources.

Why TextUs?

Enterprise software companies often look for ways to rapidly add value to their platforms that limits their own development time. By adding texting directly into a platform such as an ATS or CRM as a natural extension to increase value for that platform, users often will have a way to communicate with contacts stored in those systems.

Using TextUs’s embedded messenger, CRM, ATS, HRIS, and other software companies can quickly embed an industry-leading, pre-built messenger directly into their platforms, significantly reducing the time and development resources required to add text messaging capabilities to their product.

We have a unique stance in that we are offering our embedded messenger to our channel partners to help them drive greater revenue from their customer base with our award winning customer support and a partner team supporting you the whole way.

Robust features you get with TextUs

Texting Templates

Remove the guesswork with shared or personal text templates that streamline your conversations.

Mobile App

When you’re on the go, leverage our mobile app to stay connected from anywhere.

Typing Indicators

Avoid stepping on each other’s toes: know when other users in your organization are typing in the same conversation.

Message Logging to Your ATS/CRM

We automatically log messages back to your ATS/CRM so you never have to worry about finding text history.

Unlimited SMS Campaign Sizes

Send text campaigns to larger audiences with industry-leading throughput. (Daily message limits may apply.)

Rich Media Support

Increase engagement by adding images, videos, GIFs, or PDFs to your text message campaigns and conversational messages.

A/B Testing Tools

Easily determine your strongest performing message by A/B testing up to three message variants per campaign.

Branded Link Shortening

Quickly add shortened, branded links to your messages – no third-party service required.

Unlimited SMS Keywords

Create an unlimited number of keyword triggers and paired auto responses to be used in a variety of ways across your messaging accounts.

Keyword-Driven Contact Groups

When a person texts in a keyword, they will be automatically added to a contact group that can be used for future retargeting campaigns.

Scheduled Messages

Schedule messages and recurring campaigns to send out later so you can make sure your bases are covered.

Build Automated Sequences

Build custom sequences that deliver a series of messages to your contacts so you stay top of mind.

Who should consider partnership with TextUs?

  • You have high-volume SMS needs
  • You need a texting solution that supports two-way conversations and one-to-many campaign messaging
  • You need a partner who is well-versed in 10DLC and will ensure you stay compliant with applicable laws and regulations
  • You are looking for a texting platform that you can resell or refer with confidence

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