TextUs Embedded Messenger & Integrated White Label SMS Platform

For SaaS companies seeking to add integrated text messaging to their product suite and give their customers a seamless messaging experience.

Ready to add SMS to your software? Let us do the heavy lifting.

Don’t let technology come between you and the people you’re trying to reach. With TextUs’s embedded messenger and white label texting, SMS is a seamless extension of your current suite of offerings.  Rather than build out a proprietary texting solution, let TextUs do the heavy lifting.  We’ll take our industry-leading conversational text messaging platform and make it look, feel and function like your own.

TextUs is business texting designed to work seamlessly with your current workflow and drive increased engagement with real-time, conversational communication.

What is embedded messenger?

Think of it like a native texting inbox that sits inside your current software suite. We aim to provide a solution for SaaS companies to include SMS messaging as a part of their current product offering. Embedded messenger is exactly what is sounds like… it is an integrated text messaging solution that sits natively inside your software offering so that your customers can leverage texting right from within your product window.

The best part is that you can leverage the expertise of a company with over 10 years of experience in the SMS space and offer your customers a feature that works within your ecosystem. TextUs is well-versed in 10DLC and will register your customers on your behalf, so you can ensure they are compliant and up to date with current regulations.

Ways you can partner with TextUs

Embedded Messenger

Embed texting capabilities into your current system, giving users a truly native feel and seamless workflow with the TextUs embedded messenger.

White Label Texting Platform

TextUs will brand its existing platform with your own logo, colors and URL, as if it was your own texting solution.

Custom Integrations

Text leads, candidates, and customers without leaving your browser window. TextUs is designed to integrate seamlessly with your current technology tools.

SMS API or SMS Gateway

Endless integration possibilities with our SMS API or Gateway allow TextUs messages and contacts to work seamlessly with your ATS, CRM or any other business tool.

Flexibility. Customization. Natively integrated.

The team at TextUs is your one stop source for building a truly customized, embedded texting solution that will meet your unique business needs.

Expanding your suite of offerings to include embedded SMS, white label texting software or integrated text messaging capabilities has never been easier. TextUs has successfully built custom branded and embedded solutions for some of the leading CRM and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) providers.

Who should consider Embedded Messenger or White Label Texting with TextUs?

  • You need a solution that you can embed and white-label within your CRM, ATS, HRIS or other SaaS product
  • Your customers are Midmarket and Enterprise organizations
  • The relationship and text communications that your customers have with their employees, candidates and contacts is central to their business
  • You have the development resources necessary to integrate TextUs into your platform

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