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7 Sales Text Message Templates That Work

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As voicemails get ignored and emails end up in spam folders, cold calls and cold email outreach have become less and less effective. Text messages are becoming the heavy hitters for inside sales teams. Here are seven SMS templates that work at different phases of the sales cycle. Customize them for you and your sales reps and start using the best sales text messages!

Cold Calling Text Message

When you are first reaching out to a new prospect for the first time, you want to be brief and to the point. Prospecting text messages are a time to introduce yourself and company and send a link for them to learn more or schedule an appointment to talk.

Texting is a great way to get a prospect’s attention and then move to phone or email for longer form conversations.

Try customizing a cold calling text message like this:

Hi, Sam! My name is Chris with LeadsLLC. We’ve found that 89% of reps struggle with ignored calls and emails. If you have experienced the same, I’d love to chat with you about how text messaging can help! Click the link to schedule time to talk more- thanks!

Inbound Lead Text Message

Sales text messages are a great addition to your marketing and sales strategy. With the help of automation and customer relationship management (CRM) integrations, following up with an inbound lead with a text message makes the connection faster and more seamless.

Your text message marketing platform can sync with your CRM allowing you to not only see the messages but quickly create campaigns and targets to respond and engage with your prospects. Once you see a prospect take action online, such as downloading content or filling out a form, you can reach out with more valuable content or schedule a meeting depending on how hot a lead may be.

Try customizing an inbound lead text message like this:

Lucy, thanks for downloading our benchmarking report! Are you available for 5 mins today to discuss the results? — Mindy from Acme

Referral Text Message

All sales reps know that a referral is worth gold and can help the sales process move along faster. People trust experiences their friends or colleagues have had when making decisions. If you already have a referral program built into your sales process, you can easily incorporate sales text messages as referrals.

Try customizing a referral text message like this:

Hi, Gary. Your friend Kevin is a current RoomsConnect customer of mine and mentioned you were looking to upgrade your properties. Do you have time to talk about your needs and how we can help? Thanks, Sean (insert link to calendar)

Resource Sharing Text Message

Building relationships by providing value in your prospecting text messages will add credibility to your company and improve engagement. Make sure your text message platform allows for rich media options such as sending links or PDFs so that you can share important information with prospects.

Try customizing a resource sharing text message like this:

Kelly: We surveyed 100 IT directors like you and here is the full report on the state of AI. Give it a read and let me know your thoughts on where you see AI fitting into your budget! {insert PDF or link to report}

Sales Follow Up Text Message

Maybe you have tried leaving a voicemail or email and haven’t heard back from a prospect (probably because it ended up in spam or ignored!). No fear! With 90% read rates and 35% response rates, the best sales text messages can be the solution to your follow up needs.

Try customizing a sales follow up text message like this:

Mary: Following up to the email I sent you yesterday. Do you still want to schedule time to talk about how Acme can improve your workflow gaps? Schedule time with this link! Thanks, Olivia {insert scheduling link}

Product Trial Text Messages

If your company offers trials as part of the sales process, sales text messages can reach out to them for subscribing or buying a full version of your product. SMS can also be used to renew products. You can create campaigns and automation based on your CRM to know when to send reminder sales text messages.

Try customizing a product trial text message like this:

Hi Sarah! Your free trial with WriteBetter is set to expire on 2/15 – log in to your account to subscribe and continue the service. Text me with any questions you have! -Ashley

Breakup Text Message

Sometimes prospects go cold. When this happens it’s best to send a sales text message to acknowledge their lack of interest and confirm they want to be removed from receiving any more updates or messages from you or your company.

Try a breakup text message like this:

Hi, Jean: I haven’t heard back from you about using ToolTime. Just want to confirm you are no longer interested in our product and I won’t reach out again to you. Feel free to text back if you want to resume talking! Thanks, Tina

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