TextUs Chrome Extension

The TextUs Extension for Google Chrome allows you to instantly communicate via two-way, text message with your prospects, leads and customers from virtually any ATS, CRM or website.

Works over these websites and many more
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  • TextUs-Extension-ChromeStore-2016-4
  • TextUs-Extension-ChromeStore-2016-3
  • TextUs-Extension-ChromeStore-2016-4

The TextUs Extension will automatically detect which phone numbers on the page are cell phones vs. landlines and allow you to add that contact to your TextUs database with one click!

  • Send and receive text messages from your individual, business landline of 800 phone number.
  • Auto detect cell phone numbers from any website, ATS or CRM.
  • Receive incoming message notifications.
  • Manage multiple conversations at the same time.
  • Access all of your TextUs™ contacts and previous messages.
  • Add new contacts to your TextUs™ database with one click.
  • Contacts and messages are synced between TextUs™ Web App, Prospector and Mobile App.
  • Works with our TextUs Salesforce App and erecruit integrations.

The TextUs Web Extension dramatically speeds up your ability to communicate with your leads or candidates to get the conversation going and close more deals and waste less time.


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