Introducing TextUs for Herefish

Automate Personalized Text Messages to Create an Amazing Candidate Experience

With Herefish and TextUs, you can automate text messages from your TextUs phone numbers.

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Automate text messages throughout your candidate experience

Combine the power of a conversational approach to text messaging with automation.

Your team will be able to nurture candidates throughout their entire lifecycle. Instead of taxing your team with the daunting task of keeping track of every new hire’s schedule, TextUs and Herefish enable you to automatically send personalized text messages at key points in their journey with you


Send a text…

  • On the first day of an assignment with directions and company contact info
  • The day after the start date to check in on how things are going
  • With a link to a satisfaction survey 7 days after onboarding
  • With a weekly reminder the day before timesheets are due every week
  • On their last day to see if they need anything
  • On their birthday with a little gift card to help them celebrate
  • Midway through an assignment with ideas for their next assignment and to ask for their net promoter score (NPS)

Business Texting Features

Powerful business texting features
to help your team communicate faster


Merge contact names into Message Templates

Create your own custom message templates including our name merge tool to quickly send personalized job opportunities to your candidates.


Communicate the way people do

Tired of waiting for returned emails and phone calls? Add texting to the mix and get a response.


Automate add contacts to TextUs and Track texts as notes

With TextUs and Herefish working together for you, your candidates will know that someone on your team is always there for them.

About Herefish

Herefish helps staffing firms make automation personal.

Automate candidate follow-up throughout the entire recruiting process to improve the candidate experience, build better relationships and drive revenue from your ATS.

Some use cases for Herefish include:

– Re-engaging with forgotten candidates in your ATS
– Automating contractor outreach to boost redeployment rates
– Consistently engaging with top talent or top clients…automatically
– Track candidates and client’s website activity and trigger things like automatic emails or text messages
– Send job seekers relevant and frequent jobs that match their criteria
– and more…

Essentially, Herefish is marketing automation for staffing that enables staffing firms to build helpful workflows that save time and improve relationships with candidates and clients.

About TextUs

TextUs is the world’s first real-time communication platform changing how businesses communicate with their leads, candidates, and customers. Now you can use business-class text messaging™ combined with cloud-voice features to connect with people in real-time. With a 98% read rate and up to 40% response rates, TextUs empowers professionals to provide a one-to-one connection to their customers, engage contacts with personal outreach, and dramatically accelerate the way we get business done.

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