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How to Keep the Conversation Going and Qualify Candidates Faster Using Text Messaging

Recently, we discussed how to promote your job postings using text messaging. Now we’re going to take things to the next level and talk about how you can use conversational texting to qualify leads.

When you’re qualifying leads, you’ll likely need to verify a lot of introductory information. And though this is important work, it doesn’t exactly make for the most engaging phone conversations. That may be why text messaging is 295% more effective for getting people to verify information than phone calls. Plus, with text, you give candidates the flexibility to get back to you on their own time.

Another way texting is effective for qualifying leads is that it helps you open up a new line of communication with a prospect. When a new lead comes through via email, a phone call, a landing page, or any other channel, you can send them a quick text in response. This method works especially well for the kind of back and forth that’s common in the qualifying stage, whether you’re confirming details or verifying intent.

And, since 99% of texts are read and responded to, often within just a few minutes, text can be the kind of quick, efficient communication channel that candidates are looking for at this stage of the game. And, when it comes to relationship building, sending a quick text can also be a great way to schedule a time to speak on the phone.

Automating the candidate qualification process with ready-made templates can help you move a candidate from “interested” to “placed” even more quickly. When a candidate replies to a job posting or to your initial outreach, you can have follow-up templates ready to send. You can schedule text messages to follow up at specific points throughout the qualifying process.

You can have automated messages that inform candidates of where they are in the credentialing process, provide directions to orientations, or that walk candidates through their next steps. For example, our customer SelectGroup puts a text message signature on their initial job outreach, urging candidates to “Reply ‘Yes’ to move forward.” They then have a text template on how to apply for that specific position. This moves candidates through the qualifying process more quickly than phone or email, without taxing recruiters’ time and energy.

Plus, with the ability to personalize the follow-up SMS conversation, you can create a genuine connection with new leads.

When discussing conversational texting, our client PeopleLink said, “it’s not all about work — it’s about relationship building.” I couldn’t agree more. Recruiters don’t need to be all business all the time — some of PeopleLink’s recruiters are chatting over text with candidates about March Madness. Adding these kinds of personal touches will help nurture your relationships.

How do you use text messaging to qualify candidates? We’d love to hear from you — just leave a comment — or text us at 303-442-3223 with your idea to be featured in a future post!

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