Stivers Improves Efficiency with Real-Time Communication Platform, TextUs


“TextUs allows us to communicate quickly and more efficiently with our associates which makes us look good to our clients. We also feel it makes us more cutting edge in our communication technology.“

“Currently, the majority of our communications on placements are through TextUs which allows for mass texting instead of one by one calling.“

“The customer service at TextUs has been excellent, we are happy with the cost to value ratio as well as support for our staff members.”


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Chris Goodfarb

Manager of Internet Services at Stivers



About Stivers
With more than 70 years’ experience in the staffing business, we have become a trusted resource for employers and job seekers throughout the country.

Our Mission
To conduct business with a dedication to excellence, integrity, and ethics, and to have a positive impact on each person with whom we come in contact.

In 1945, Clifford L. Stivers founded a temporary help company to meet the growing demand for temporary clerical services in Chicago. A pioneer in the temporary services industry, Stivers devised his own system of testing skills, hired a statistician to validate test scores, and instituted the concept of quality control.

He expanded to Chicago’s suburbs in the early 1950s, established branch offices on both coasts in the 1960s, and gradually added offices in major cities in the United States and Canada. Stivers Staffing has since grown into a full-service staffing firm, providing office admin jobs, temp office jobs, and accounting and finance jobs to job seekers across the country.

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